Wednesday, April 1, 2009

7 guys, one tank...

OK, so as I was lacking inspriation to get out there and find some new items to blog I came up with another idea in my head. That was, to find an item and then get my friends to come up with their own interpretation of how they would wear said item, with the only rule being that I want them to make it their own style. This idea sat in my head for a couple of weeks, and I was thinking of forgetting about it altogether, as I wasn't sure anyone would be interested nor would they have the time to devote to appeasing my crazy ideas. How wrong I was! The first person I mentioned this idea to was Boe Cortes (who funnily enough I actually met at Muism one day), and I already had in my mind the item would be a Muism tank top as pretty much every guy on SL has (or should have!!!) one of these tanks in inventory. After a bit of deliberation we decided to go with the Muism Tank Top MS/Light and then I proceeded to sound out the feelers to see who else would be interested in participating, and I got positive responses from pretty much everyone I asked, and one guy (who shall remain name-less) even stopped masturbating in his socks to join the festivities! So without further ado, here is what everyone came up with.

Boe was the first guy I got to pose for me and I must admit he set the bar high, showing what a good combination of clothes utilizing prim attachments can do to spice up your everyday tanktop. We dragged ourselves away from the amusement of Sabeins housewarming(or should I say toiletfilling??)/babyshower (don't ask) and when the shoot was done I proceeded to nag Boe about places I should visit when I am in Europe later this year.

Boe is wearing:
Cap: Agrace - Hunting (hair)
Scarf: Endeavor - colour change scarf
Belt: Redgrave - Asymetric Belt
Gloves - Redgrave Driving gloves
Glasses - PrimOptic glasses - vizion
Jacket: Aoharu - TailoredJK _ Gray
Tank: Muism - Tank Top_MS/Light
Pants: Meriken Co. - Houndstooth Pants Brown
Shoes: Muism - Ankle boots/dark brown
Poses - Kmadd

Next on the list of volunteers was Leo Xenno, and I dragged him away from Missem (not really, she came to the shoot with him ;-P) long enough to get these snaps of him in his take on the tanktop inspired outfit. It was all jokes and laughter during this shoot until Leo was snatched away to give his wife a goodnight kiss.

Leo is wearing:
Dutch Touch......camo pants with belt
Soreal Superatars......white/blue/red
Mad Design Hair......Eric
Tattoo...Custom from aussie ink
FNKY Plate Cuff
M.R.M Silver Necklace....soul and spirit

Well me being me, I couldn't let the other guys have all the fun, and I took this happy snap of me posing like the poser that I am. But as you all know, a guy has some needs that need to be fulfilled, ask my ex's. ;-P

I am wearing:
Tanktop: Muism - Tank Top MS/Light
Jeans: Shit Luck - The dude jeans in Dark Blue
Jacket: Beauty Avatar Helsinki Jacket 02
Shoes: Redgrave Athelete Sneakers in red and black (Big thankyou to Viola for indulging my wish for this color combination with this sneaker a few months back)
Hair: Uncleweb Denis hair in black
Earring: Musim round stud in black and Silver
Glasses: Steinwork Aviator glasses
Skin - Damiani Neo
Pose - Long Awkward Pose [LAP].

Next model was Gahum Riptide, and he came up with his take as you can see above. A nice mix of urban casual, without going for overkill, that was very easy and simple on the eyes. We chatted for a bit about the inefficiencies of the SL client and how it forces us to crash every now and again. It was more goodtimes as the camera kept snapping.

Gahum wears:
Glasses: *ARAI* glasses02 black
Jacket: Aitui - Tokyo Intake Jacket - Coal
Shirt: *Muism* Tank Top_MS/light
Jeans: Zaara - Classic Jeans *indigo*
Primitive Design_studded belt
Kalnins Shoes - Crossyard
Tattoo: TiKi TATTOO UaHuka

Az Aeon was the next guy on my list to come and get his pic taken, and I really liked his combination of a suit jacket with jeans. I think he did a great job on this. I chatted to Az and his partner Christina during the shoot about all sorts of things, from modelling to fashion to photoshop and the like. Then I had to go eat lol.

Az is wearing:
Jacket: Armidi - (m) Classic Pinstripe Blazer [Charcoal]
Tanktop: *Muism* Tank Top_MS/Light
Jeans: *Valiant* Gold/Silver Black Denim Jeans
Boots: *REDGRAVE* Biker Boots -Night-
Shades; *Rawdolls* Retro Junkie Aviators

The final guys I got to pose for me were Mr. Lawless McBride and Mr. Winter Jefferson. It was nothing but comedy with these 2 guys around, and as scheduling the shoots went, it was inevitable they would end up being photographed together. So after trying to get a poseball to disappear and a relog trying to get to see Winter's top, I managed to grab this shot of the 2 guys looking rather dapper.

Lawless on the left wears:
Naith Smith Design - Rock'n'Rolla Chain
Genesis - Au Naturel Eyes (Natural)
Kunstkammer - Star Belt
[MRM] - Skinny Pant *Black*
Gritty Kitty - Deadline Hair (black)
Eko Merlin - Recovery Bracelets
Aitui Tattoo - Mr Midnight Tattoo (faded)
Muism - Tank Top (ms / light)
Belleza - Mathieu Skin (med 1-e)
UBU - Drunks Sneakers

Winter (on the right) is wearing:
Electrica De Luxe - Tartan Pants
Fear and Clothing Sharksin Jacket
Muism Crinkle Scarf in Red, Ear Piercings Mix 3
Redgrave Black Leather Boots
Black Maria Rius hair
Soul skin in Helios

As these were the last guys I had to shoot, it was time for a group pic, so I joined in alongside them and we all said 'Cheese' one last time. See my blogroll for links to their respective blogs if you want to see their amazing work

So as you can see, all these shots were taken in the Laguna Beach Cove sim where there will be a Live music event this coming weekend on Sunday at 3PM SLT. With benefits to go to Relay For Life. It is in part in honor of the builder/owner Bronco Graves' friend who passed due to cancer Valiant Strangelove. I also did this blog as a kind of way of showing guys that even if they think that the supply of clothes in SL might not be as broad as the womens selection, you can still make an item that everyone else has your own, with just a little careful thinking and thought.

So to round off this post, I would like to thank Az, Boe, Gahum, Lawless, Leo, Winter, and Alexa and Bronco for making this post possible. And also to every designer we featured, keep on making stuff for us guys! We can't do this kind of thing without you! Til the next time. ciao ciao.