Sunday, March 15, 2009

Its been a while.....

...since I last blogged on here and I won't make excuses but I really need to 'feel' the items I am blogging about for me to get inspired enough to make a post on here. However that excuse doesn't hold up when it comes to this outfit, as everyone who has seen me in world the past month or so has probably seen me wearing the latest Muism Leather bomber jacket, in all its various incarnations. Here I am wearing the Black/brown version, and the reason this jacket inspired me to post was because I have a similar one in rl, featuring faux fur and everything. However lucky the fur can be zipped off, as it got rather tiresome being called 'Maverick' all night when we went to the casino in RL.Following the jacket is some older Muism Straight leg jeans [Dark], but they are capped off with the Muism Cowboy boots in black. I was lucky enough to get a view into the development process of these boots (in between playing Street Fighter 4 and GTA: The lost and Damned on my Xbox) and saw them and the various revisions Ice made to them and I must say I do like the finished product. I think that the GTA universe had some influence in the setting of these pics, a grimy rainy cityscape at the Creamshop sim that I was shown thanks to my friend Olyvia Zenkova. The Hat is a pretty popular hat from Argrace, and the necklace is the Davarriale necklace from my friend Ryker Beck's store Genesis.

Perhaps the most strikingly different item in this post is the skin I am wearing, from a store called Den-Dou. It is Ichiro skin in bronze and while it looks almost semi-androgynous, I like it for a change from my usual skins. So pretty much overall this is the kind of outfit I would wear in reality in the upcoming months leading into Winter. Since my SL is playing up I will add the LMs later, but if you want them just shoot me an IM :-)