Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I was walking around SL and wondered to myself why I was doing nothing why don't I go and check out a store or 2? So anyway I went to have a look around the new Boulevard and stumbled across Devon Dinzeo's clothing store and remembered chatting to him the other week, but I still hadn't gotten around to checking out his store! So anyway, I finally went and had a look at his beautifully crafted mainstore and picked up this little number!
Devon is a very well known builder in SL, and he has decided to start making clothes and I must say, I welcome his work into my wardrobe! The textures are nicely shaded, and the prices are very cheap for items of this quality. Devon has done well to create some beautiful jeans and this outfit was the one that struck my eyes as one I had to have! I coupled it with my mask and hat from Illusions and it was a perfect looking outfit, of course I had to wear my black Oslo's to go with it. So if you are looking for quality clothes at competitive prices, try Dinzeo Designs today!

Dinzeo Designs Mainstore