Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Upgrade man"

Well after being a bit of a nomad and pretty much camping out at Casa Del Shai, the new release items just had to be had in my inventory. So after I got them and haven't taken them off for the past few days, I decided to just throw together some outfits from my Shai folder, and it is amazing how easily the different outfits mesh to form perfectly synced pieces that could actually be sold together.This is the latest releases from Shai, the scruffy jeans in the Lito shade, and the Mallory woven shirt in Drfitwood. I coupled these new items with one of her tanktops I picked up in my camping-like state when I started to have a chat and I was promptly dubbed "The Upgrade man" by Shai as we deliberated on a title I could have in the group. The reasons for this is she commended my ability to upgrade the look of avs with ease.

This above outfit is comprised of the Slick Rick trenchcoat in green, the shirt is from the Alphonso suit in olive and the pants are from The High Roller suits. I really dig this look and it has the nice blend of formal and casual that makes it stand out. I think wearing the Shanghai shoes from Jeepers Creepers gives it more that elegant edge but if I was to go with Oslos it would be tipped to a more casual style.

The next outfit I assembled was based around my first ever Shai purchase, the Croc trench in red. I once again used a shirt from Alphonso (this time from the burgundy version) and wore the pants from the Adulterer in Black

My next outfit was one that just appeared when I was going thru my outfits throwing stuff on, I liked it and snapped it but can't be bothered looking at what it is exactly comprised of.
The final outfit I am featuring (so as to not give you overload as I could have kept making them for hours on end) is based off the Alpine man suit, but with a twist in the choice of pants (from the black version of Shai's Classic tux) and went for Oslos just to get away from the Shanghais for a bit.

Anyway, all these goodies can be found at only one place, and that place is at Casa Del Shai!!

Casa Del Shai Mainstore

oh and the shoes can be found at JCS!!
The bonus pic is using a pose from Long Awkward pose that I wanted to give a shoutout to Dove for making my amazingly well crafted signature pose that I will be attempting to do a pic of very soon!
Go to their hunt and see if you can find all the poses in their hunt for poo!!

Long Awkward Pose

How do I become a model in SL??

OK I have moved this from the Modavia blog to here because it is my informational guide and I want people to come here to find it.

K, now after fielding this question wayyyyyy too many times from people in world I decided that I would make a post about it here so I can just send them here without having to spend time telling the same few things over and over. By no means take this as any kind of ‘definitive guide’ or whatever, it is just some advice I can give to you all who have ever had questions about the path to becoming a model on here. I’ll tell you a bit about my own journey but I think that I am an unusual case as it was never really my desire to be a model to begin with, it just kind of happened. But anyway onto the advice.

Step one - Know what you are up against!

This step above all others is the first thing I would say to any aspiring model. by this I mean, you really may think you are all that and everything but you have no idea that there are so many others who think the same way. So this is step one, have a look at who the successful models on here and you will notice something. They all have something about them that makes them stand out. They are unique, and you can go into a packed sim and still recognise them as soon as you see them. Then you think with the abundance of items available in SL that you should be able to do this without a worry, but it isn’t quite so simple. Take some shots of yourself and compare them to that of 10 other models, and ask yourself if you still stand out. Have other friends answer the same question as well. Then you will have a better idea of what steps you need to take in order to improve or change.

Step two - Prepare dilligently

OK, so now you have seen what you are up against you have to take the steps to get to your goal of becoming a model. Just a little bit of advice to girls, most female models I know have inventorys in excess of 20000 items, of which, 85% of them are QUALITY aesthetic improving items such as skins, clothes, shoes and hairs from all the top designers. This is imperative that you have a similar quantity in your inventory, and I say this as you must remember, modelling is a competitive industry, both in RL and Sl and there is only so many Agencys/shows/jobs to go around. So if you can achieve this point then you might be competing on a more even playing field.

Once you have the items and look taken care of, the next step is a portfolio. This can be the make or break thing that will separate you from the elusive first job (or the next one). Choosing a photographer doesn’t sound hard, but getting the right shots to convey who you are is essential, as you remember the adage ‘a picture tells 1000 words’? In SL this holds true especially in the modelling scene. A good portfolio can make or break you. If you possess the skills yourself then who knows, you might just find out that doing pics is just as much fun as modelling, or it can help you develop an edge into getting yourself into the industry. If you are able to find a decent photographer, be prepared to pay, as it isn’t cheap to get great shots, but they are priceless in helping move your modelling career along.

Next up is the step alot of aspiring models forget about, and that is developing a good network of industry contacts. This can range from designers, other models, agency heads, etc etc. From all these inner-industry people you can learn things and it can help get your foot in the door alot easier than an outsider could. As such spending time in ‘the scene’ such as attending shows and the like will further immersify yourself within the modelling psyche and help develop yourself as someone who has a desire to potentially do a show or whatever.

Another thing alot of wanna-be models neglect in the preparation stage is the procurement of the tools needed to perform on the catwalk - those being walks and poses. Many a time have I heard people say ‘I want to be a model’ and I ask them how many poses they have and the answer I get back is ‘I have my AO’. This just won’t cut it, as you are competing with models who may also dabble in photography and have hundreds of poses at their disposal. So while you may have gotten into the whole modelling scene with friends and whatever you will still need the tools to get the job done, as many models may get called up at the last minute due to no-shows, so you never know, you may be lucky enough to one day receive a call like this.

Step 3 -Patience

OK so you have everything you need, the looks, the photos, the contacts etc but you are still feeling you are getting nowhere. Here is where patience comes in. Nobody has become a model in a day. It just won’t happen. You need to be patient. And you sometimes need to analyse things again and ask questions of yourself such as ‘how can I improve’ or ‘why is that person getting the jobs’? Maybe your profile needs work? I think that profiles personally are a way in which you can convey who you are and what you are about in a concise manner. Saying you are a Gorean slave girl who only answers to your master won’t get those modelling jobs rolling in (I suggest using an alt for this if it is your thing) so this is something you can also work on. A blank profile just won’t help differentiate you from the hundreds of others wanting a shot.

Step 4 - Your first show

OK, so you have been asked to appear in your first show so now what? Well if you had followed the previous advice and done the most essential thing in a models life by preparing you will not have any worries. Prior to my first show I practiced walking on a beach (who needs a runway when you can improvise?) so don’t use any excuse to not practice. Many people can claim to be a ‘model’ but I personally don’t believe they are until they have walked a show (thus shattering anyone’s illusion a model can be made in a day). Then I will bet anyone on SL walking their first show they will be so nervous that they are nearly wetting themselves as they would no doubt have attended shows and seen the lag monster rear its ugly head that nobody (not even the best of the best) is safe from. Your first appearance on the catwalk being a success is crucial to you getting repeat performances so you want to be prepared as much as possible. So practice, practice practice!!! Also the first show will give you an insight into the extensive planning and preparation that goes into each and every one, as per Risa’s earlier blog. But if you had been disciplined enough from following the previous steps you would already know this. There is nothing like pulling off a successful show in SL and having your friends cheer your name, believe me.

In conclusion

Look at RL and look at the successful people there. They all got to where they are due to a combination of having a strong drive, ability to overcome setbacks and they put in the hours to get to their goal. All the top models are there because they have done the work required. None of them were given it on a platter, they have put in the work and gotten the job done, and that required the very valuable asset of time. The reasons they continually get jobs is usually due to their work ethic, being punctual to practices, getting the latest clothes/AOs/Hairs/skins etc to stay on top of the game. It is a continually evolving world in SL and models have to be able to adapt and be willing to listen to advice, particularly if it is from someone who has put the score on the board. I’m not writing this as some authority figure, but moreso someone who wants to give some insight into what separates models from those who aspire to be. So don’t give up is my advice, but maybe alter your goals and make them a bit lower than ‘I am going to be SL’s next top model’ because that kind of attitude just won’t help you attain the steps that will enable you to claim such a position to begin with.

I hope this guide helps people understand that there is sooooo much more to modelling on SL than what it appears to be, and also allows people to see what is required to achieve your goals. I hope nobody thinks that I have given any secrets or anything away, to me this all seems to be common sense (a trait you must have as a model!!) Please feel free to give me feedback or whatever, I appreciate it.