Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mastrius from Rfyre

Anyway, my good friend Raven Pennyfeather sent me this costume yesterday after I bumped into her at the Avenue show and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to blog it. Knowing that it was in part inspired by the music of Rob Zombie, and having listened to them since I was a teen in the early 90s, I knew that this piece would be suited to me. (Side note: The intro to Thunderkiss '65 was one of the first things I learned on guitar in RL).

So as I cranked my settings up to ultra to best check out this magnificent outfit I started to cam around and just get lost in the details of it all, racking my brain thinking how does Raven manage to outdo herself time after time?

So in keeping with the theme of a dark and heavily rocking outfit such as this I decided to wear my old boots from Lapointe and they matched this outfit perfectly. The setting wasn't hard too decide on either, with a trip to the Crimson Shadow sim by Rezzable.

The outfits shoulder pads are in 2 pieces and are among some of the best fitting prims I have seen from Raven, I think she is truly improving on what was already great to begin with. There is a few different options a prim belt option, a jacket with full length prim skirt, 2 different open and closed tops, as well as gloves to complete the look.

Anyway as the shoot progressed I decided to go even darker and don my goth skin from AVid, which still looked amazing with this outfit and the white tonality of the skin provides a perfect contrast to the darkness of this outfit. Anyway All I can say is check out these pictures and if you are into exquisitely detailed outfits, then go to the House of Rfyre today and pick this one up. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.


Mastrius from House of Rfyre

Boots from Lapointe

Goth skin from AVid

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Red Carpet party

So this past Thursday was my girlfriend Christieanna's rezzday party and it was a fun other than the lag caused by so many people being there, but hey, it is SL what can we expect?

Anyhow, enough about that, I'll get onto what I am wearing (which co-incedently, is what i wore to the party!). A few of you all might recognise the tux as being from Casa Del Shai, and it is. However this is special, as while I was temporarily offline after buying/giving Christieanna her presents she told me she would hunt out something for me to wear to match the Nicky Ree Elizabeth Dress I bought her for the party. Anyway, while I was offline Chris did the sweetest thing and contacted Shai to consult with her on what she would recommend for me to wear to this party. Next thing is Shai sighted the dress and created this version of her Classic Tux (with red bowtie and cumberbund) just for me! Its not everyday that your favorite designer on SL makes something specially for you, and I must say I was ecstatic when Christie's "Surprise" she had for me was revealed.

As you can see the tux is immaculately detailed, and I haven't taken it off since the party ahah. Anyway, this post is just to give thanks to Shai for the suit, Frolic for organising the event and the amazing setting, everyone who attended, and finally Christieanna just for being amazing in every way. Love that girl.....