Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hi everyone!

Hi to everyone out there, Jonny Tobias here. This is my own personal blog I am starting up where I will just talk about things I am up to, what I am wearing and all the good things like that.

So first things first, as people who used to read my Modavia blogs will know, I will only really blog every now and then about things when I find the time in my busy schedule. As you may or may not know I chose to leave Modavia a couple of hours after the Best of SL awards where I won the top male model award. The reasons for this were posted in the NC I sent to the Supermodels group and primarily that I wanted to cut down on my commitments so that I could focus my energy on projects that took my interest and to spend time with my girlfriend and partner the lovely Christieanna. So as such I no longer will be blogging there and instead bring to you my musings here!!

Anyway now that is out of the way, I'll get back to informing you all of the purpose of this blog and what the title means. As you may all have seen from my Paradigm tag I have been wearing from time to time, it was based on the idea of this blog (which I was slack in getting started) and it encompasses all the things I do in SL in regards to styling/creating shapes and the like. A paradigm by definition means 'the highest example of' and as such, you know that when you are dealing with me you are getting 100% effort into helping you in whatever way I can when working with you, from someone who attempts to hold true to this philosophy at all times. However the carefree living part of the title is kind of an oxymoron as to how I approach my work, it is more relating to how I choose to live my life outside of work, in a more carefree manner. So there you have the dichotomy of my personal being, the work/play balance which we all deal with in everyday life.

So now that you sat and read through all that, onto the fashion. For my initial post on here I decided to go with my outfit of choice for the past day or so. It is a meshup of a street casual style as evidenced by the Casa Del Shai pants and overcoat I have chosen to wear, and also offset by the more formal style of the Muism tucked in shirt and tie. In all it is a very simple outfit but it has maximum visual impact. As always the textures from both these designers is top notch, but this overcoat was something I slept on until only recently, as upon its release I saw everyone wearing it so I held off and I must say that I made a mistake, so I bought the black and green versions. The green version does pop a little more than the black but it contrasted with the neutral look I was trying to achieve.

You will notice how the colours I chose for this outfit are very neutral, with your classic black and white of the pants and jacket offset by the medium tone of the grey shirt. The Jeepers Creepers Shanghai shoes in black and silver continue this colouring theme and as such complete this outfit. Sometimes the most simple combinations are the most effective and this outfit is illustrative of that theory.

Clothing worn in this blog:

Casa Del Shai

Shai Slick Rick Trenchcoat in Black Sugar
Shai Adrien Paper Pants in Grey with Belt


Muism Fine Silk Shirt in Dark Silver
Muism Lose Tie/DNA

Jeepers Creepers

Shanghai Black/Steel