Monday, November 3, 2008

Limited edition coat set at Muism

Yesterday after finishing reading the Runway magazine and finding out I was a finalist for Male Model of the Year I stumbled across an article that said that limited edition Muism Yeti coats will be available as of the 1st November. So me being the Muism fiend I am, I tp there right away, only to find the coats were not yet in store, as the new Guerilla section was still being completed.

Anyhow, a quick IM to Icemocolo and he was kind enough to tp me to the new section where he laid out the vendors and I was the lucky guy first in line to buy one of these amazing coats. My friend Belle LeFavre was the lucky first to get one of the womens coats, and Ice was kind enough to help her out with fitting it, and we laughingly joked at how hard it is to explain to someone how to fit things. We all had a good long chat about all kinds of random things for a couple of hours and it was so refreshing to get to chat with someone whose work inspires alot of people. Ice remarked that this coat took him a year to develop the neccesary tools to be able to create the coat to the standard he expected, and I must say it was worth the work with this coat giving you a feeling or power and distinction upon wearing it. It also comes with an undercoat, shirt and these plaid pants you can see in the pic to give great value for money, and considering it is a limited edition available only for this month, how can you not go and grab one?

The Yeti in smoke wasn't my only purchase though. I bought this Muism Slim fitted S.W. suit in brown as I have rarely seen any suits that aren't in standard colours that I really like, and I must say this suit is an awesome addition to my inventory also. Classic styling, the option of 3 different collars and enough layers to wear it with other parts of inventory make it good value. This suit is available in other colours as well but when the gf tells you how good you look in this as mine did, I think I made the right choice. Also in these pics I am wearing the new Muism stud earrings and they are awesome. After hunting around since December last year for a quality Mens earring I finally found the one I am after. These releases once again show that Icemocolo and Migi Voom are at the forefront of urban fashion in SL and I anxiously await their next new releases.

Outfits and accessorys available from Muism

Footwear from Redgrave

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Belle Lefavre said...

If Jonny was really cool he would have photographed us together in our coats - slacker!